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Antioxidant Activity and Total Polyphenolic Content in the Fruit Juice of Syzygium cumini (L.) Found in the Dibrugarh District of Assam

Department of Biotechnology, Dibru College, Dibrugarh-786 003 (Assam), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 99544 52997)
(Received : February 20, 2022; Accepted : March 20, 2022)


Fruit contains antioxidant property showing various health beneficial effects. The study was conducted
to determine the antioxidant potential and total phenolics and flavanoid contents of Syzygium cumini (L.)
fruit juice. The IC50 value of DPPH scavenging assay of fruit juice was 1.08±0.005 (mMT/L±SD) and the
IC50 value of ABTS estimation was 0.49±0.03 (mMT/L±SD) expressed as trolox equivalents in mMT/L.
The total flavanoid content (TFC) value was 34.38±0.81 (µg/ml±SD) expressed as quercetin equivalents
(QE) in microgram per millilitre (µg/ml) and total phenolic content (TPC) value as 20.63±0.22 (µg/ml±SD)
expressed as gallic acid equivalents (GAE) in microgram per millilitre (µg /ml).
Key words : Syzygium cumini (L.), traditional, antioxidant, trolox equivalents