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Assessment of Genotype x Environment Interaction and Stability for Grain Yield and its Attributes in Pearl Millet

Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics, Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner-334 006
(Rajasthan), India
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(Received : July 26, 2017; Accepted : September 17, 2017)


Assessing the adaptability and stability of promising pearl millet genotypes is one of the important steps for accurate evaluation. This study determined the genotype × environment interaction and stability performance of 60 romising pearl millet genotypes in three environments during kharif 2016 at Agricultural Research Station, Beechhwal, SKRAU, Bikaner. The experiment used randomized complete block design with three replications in each environment. Analysis of variance for stability revealed that mean squares due to genotypes and environments+G x E interaction were highly significant indicating that there existed significant differences among genotypes and also the environments were different from each other and genotypes reacted differently in different environments. The results also revealed that out of 60 crosses studied the crosses viz., RMS 7A x BIB- 76, RMS 7A x BIB- 186, RMS 21A x BIB-186, ICMA 97111 x BIB-186, ICMA 92777 x BIB-66, ICMA 04999 x BIB-65, ICMA 04999 x BIB-76 and JMSA20042 x BIB- 40 were found stable for grain yield as well as for other traits. This indicated that the stability of various component characters might be responsible for observed stability of genotype for grain yield.

Key words : Pearl millet, genotype x environment interaction, stability, grain yield