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Genetic Analysis and Molecular Phylogeny of Rice Green Leafhopper, Nephotettix nigropictus (Stål) Based on the Mitochondrial COI DNA Gene

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Medan, Jl. Willem
Iskandar Pasar V Medan Estate, Medan 20221, Indonesia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 081269144411)


The green leafhopper, Nephotettix nigropictus (Stål) (Auchenorhyncha : Hemiptera) is one important insect vector of rice tungro virus. The vector and the virus could cause damage and death on rice plants. The
genetic and molecular phylogeny data of N. nigropictus that be isolated from Samosir island, North Sumatra, Indonesia are still unknown. This study was aimed at comprehending the genetic and molecular phylogeny
data of N. nigropictus based on mtCOI gene. Genetic and molecular phylogeny analysis were conducted throughout four steps, namely, Leafhopper sample catching on rice field by using sweep net, DNA extraction by using Zymo Tissue and Insect DNA Mini Prep, DNA amplification by using PCR and My TaqTM HS Red Mix and DNA sequence analysis by using ABI PISM 3730XL Genetic Analyzer. The primer cocktail tRWFMlep was used in DNA amplification step. The result of research showed that mtCOI DNA fragments of N. nigropictus from Samosir island, Indonesia had nitrogen bases length 510-523 bp. The average concentration of A, G, T and C nucleotides in its mtCOI sequence was 37.18, 13.92, 36.21 and 12.67%, respectively. This mtCOI DNA sequence was dominated by A and T bases (73.39%) compared to its G and C bases (26.60%).
Key words : DNA barcoding, mtCOI DNA gene, N. nigropictus, Samosir