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In vitro Plant Regeneration of Two Indica Rice Cultivars, PB-1 and IR-64

Centre for Biotechnology, M. D. University, Rohtak-124 001 (Haryana), India
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(Received : December 18, 2017; Accepted : February 14, 2018)


Rice is an important cereal, feeding more than half of the global population. It is still considered a recalcitrant crop as its tissue culture response is highly genotype dependent. In vitro regeneration is a pre-requisite for effective genetic transformation. The present study was conducted to investigate the response of Indica rice cultivars PB-1 and IR-64 towards different phytohormones and medium components. Both the cultivars showed maximum callus induction percentage (95.66 and 93.66 for PB-1 and IR-64, respectively) when cultured in MS medium with 2 mg/l concentration of 2,4-D. Out of these two varieties, PB-1 showed enhanced callus induction than IR-64. Highest per cent shoot regeneration (56 and 50.66 for PB-1 and IR-64, respectively) was obtained with MS medium supplemented with 4 mg/l kinetin and 0.5 mg/l IAA. The entire protocol was completed in about 40-50 days.

Key words : Indica rice, PB-1, IR-64, in vitro plant regeneration, callus induction