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Phytopathological Condition of Flax Crops during Treatment with Hightech Preparations

Tver State Agricultural Academy, Sakharovo, Tver region, Russia
*(e-mail :; Contact : +7 482 253-12-36)
(Received : November 3, 2021; Accepted : January 11, 2022)


The purpose of this work was to study the effect of Vitaplan (strains of bacteria Bacillus subtilis VKM B2604D and VKM B-2605D) and Sternifag (spores of the fungus Trichoderma harzianum VIZR-18) biological
preparations on the phytopathological condition and productivity of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.). The
studies were carried out in 2018-20 in the Tver region on sod-podzolic light loamy soil. The Vitaplan
preparation was used for seed treatment at a dose of 20 g/t in different mixtures with chemical protectants
TMTD (3 l/ha) and Tabu (0.8 l/ha). Sternifag was used for soil treatment after the previous crop in doses
of 80 and 160 g/ha. The definitions were carried out according to well-tested methods in flax growing. It
was found that the use of the Vitaplan preparation reduced the infestation of seeds with such diseases
as Colletotrichum lini Manns et Bolley, Fungus sterilis Winogradov, Clostridium macerans Schardinger, by
9.5% compared with the variant where the preparation wasn’t used, while also increasing the germination
energy by 2.5%. This revealed tendency to reduce the disease prevalence in flax spread to vegetative
plants. The increase in the resistance of flax plants to diseases when using Sternifag was achieved
mainly by increasing the mineralization of plant residues, which eliminated the environment for the
formation of a favourable pathogenic background. The comprehensive improvement of the phytosanitary
condition of flax agrophytocenoses with the use of biological products increased the yield of seeds by
10-15%, and the fiber yield by 11%. In the future, it is planned to study the effectiveness of the use of
new preparations in mixtures with humic substances and various microelements.
Key words : Diseases protection, flax, biological products, seeds, plants, productivity