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Studies of Plant Geometry on Growth and Yield of Different Greengram Varieties

Department of Agronomy, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144 411 (Punjab), India
*(e-mail:;; Mobile: 98775 20188)
(Received: March 11, 2023; Accepted: April 29, 2023)


Greengram, an important pulse crop of the world, helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen through symbiotic
nitrogen fixation and is an important green manuring crop. A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of different geometry on growth and yield of different greengram varieties at Agriculture Farm, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India. Total six treatment combinations of greengram varieties and spacing with four replications comprising: T1–SML 668 + spacing 1 (30 x 10 cm), T2–SML 668 + spacing 2 (40 x 20 cm), T3–ML 818 + spacing 1 (30 x 10 cm), T4 – ML 818 + spacing 2 (40 x 20 cm), T5–PAU 911 + spacing 1 (30 x 10 cm), and T6 – PAU 911 + spacing 2 (40 x 20 cm) were applied. Sixteen plant and soil characters were recorded and analyzed in factorial randomized complete block design. The results indicated that treatment T5–PAU 911 + spacing 1 (30 x 10 cm) performed better than other treatments and gave best results in growth and yield parameters such as plant height (75.09 cm), maximum number of leaves (49.07), maximum number of branches (36.38), length of the pod (9.98 cm), number of seeds per pod (10.25), number of pods per plant (32.17), grain yield (641.26 kg/ha), straw yield (1610.35 kg/ha), biological yield (2262.45 kg/ha), harvest index (28.96) and 1000 seed weight (39.53 g). Moreover, this treatment performed better in terms of soil health parameters like maximum available N (366.56 kg/ha), available P (17.10 kg/ha), soil pH (8.40) and soil EC (0.43 dS/m). However, maximum available K i.e. (288.40 kg/ha) was recorded in treatment T3 variety ML 818 + spacing 1 (30 x 10 cm) as compared to other treatments. Low potential varieties and improper spacing as well as agronomic practices can be a serious threat in low productivity of greengram. Therefore, it can be recommended that greengram variety PAU 911 should be grown at a spacing of 30 x 10 cm.
Key words : Crop geometry, greengram, spacing, available nutrient, yield