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Total Flavonoid Content of Four Iler Accessions [Coleus atropurpureus (L.) Benth.] in Karangpandan, Central Java, Indonesia

Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University, Ir. Sutami Street 36 A, Surakarta (Solo) 57126, Indonesia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : +6281548673060)
(Received : May 13, 2019; Accepted : July 11, 2019)


Iler is an ornamental plant that has recently been used as a medicinal plant. Iler is known to contain high flavonoid compounds which can be used to meet the needs of natural source of flavonoids. Accession of iler plants is very high but the most optimal accessions for flavonoids content are not yet known. The effort to increase flavonoid content of iler was done by planting several accessions of iler plants on the middle land altitude. This study was carried out at an altitude of 496 m above sea level located in Tohkuning village, Karangpandan Sub-district with Mediteranian dark brown soil types. The experimental design used was completely randomized block design (CRBD). The treatment was four accessions of iler plants, with three replications of each treatment therefore 12 experimental plots. Analysis of total iler extract using ethanol reagent, TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) analysis using n-hexane : ethyl acetate (6 : 4) eluent, and analysis of flavonoids using the AlCl3 method by spectrophotometer. The highest total extract content of iler plant was found in accession 2 (greenish purple) which was 6.520%. Four planted accessions had 9 spots in the TLC analysis. The highest flavonoid content was found in accession 2 with a value of 5.480%. High flavonoid levels in accession 2 can be used as a nautral flavonoids source. Accession 2 also had wider leaves and a longer vegetative period relatively to other three accessions, considering that the leaves are used to produce flavonoids.
Key words : Flavonoid, coleus, iler, AlCl3, total extract content