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A Research Study on Development of Agritourism Business in Gurugram District (Haryana)

Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, SGT University, Gurugram-122 505 (Haryana), India
(e-mail :; Mobile : 98613 14746)
(Received : February 20, 2022; Accepted : April 9, 2022)


Agriculture is the backbone of Haryana state and its economy is purely agrarian in nature. Because of
bad climatic conditions, now-a-days farmers are incurring loss in agriculture and the main reason is
failure in monsoon. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that how to support farmers by incorporating
innovative ideas and technology which are to be implemented to support our farming sector. Green
revolution contributed significantly and led to high results. The latest concept in our country on agriculture
is agritourism i. e. tourism activities taking place in farms. So here, the tourist will get a first-hand
experience about agricultural activities along with celebrating fairs and festivals relating to agricultural.
Because of rapid urbanization, many of our children living in metro cities have a very little idea about
agricultural practices and rural life experiences. Hence, agritourism can successfully bridge this gap.
This research study explained the significance of agritourism for the betterment of economic development.
Primary data were collected from leading agritourism farm owners in the district of Gurugram and chisquare methodology of data analysis was adopted. Therefore, this research paper identified the hindrance
that came on the way of successful agritourism development and management. Thus, concluded that
agritourism industry in India has a huge potential to contribute significantly towards the standard of
living of farmers and at the same time it will also act as a growth engine for developing the economy of
rural India successfully.
Key words : Agritourism, fairs, festivals, green revolution, urbanization