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Dehydration and Rehydration Ratio of Dried Slices and Oil Absorption of Fried Potato Chips

Department of Foods and Nutrition, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Banaskantha-385 506
(Gujarat), India
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(Received : September 19, 2017; Accepted : November 20, 2017)


Potato is one of the most important global crops. Frying and dehydration are important operations used commonly by industries to process potatoes. Oil uptake is a major issue in fried potatoes related to the health and safety of consumers. The study aimed at identifing the dehydration and rehydration ratio along with oil content in fried chips of six potato varieties. Results showed that Kufri Badshah had the least dehydration ratio as compared to Kufri Jawahar which recorded the highest. There existed significant (P < 0.05) difference between different varieties on the dehydration ratio of dried slices. Kufri Badshah (4.87±0.31) variety was found to have the highest rehydration ratio. Kufri Badshah variety was found to have highest oil content followed by Kufri Lauvkar. Kufri Chandramukhi variety was found to have the least oil content upon deep frying. Rehydration ratio of dried potato slices showed negative correlation with dehydration ratio of dried slices and positive correlation with oil content of deep fat fried chips. It can be concluded that all the studied potato varieties except Kufri Badshah can be used for making dehydrated potato products.

Key words : Dehydration, potato, rehydration ratio, oil, frying