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Design and Development of an Efficient Model of a Hybrid Poly Greenhouse for Controlled Farming Using a Sensor Network

Guru Nanak College, Budhlada-151 502 (Punjab), India
*(e-mail:; Mobile: 98764 42759)
(Received: September 13, 2023; Accepted: October 21, 2023)


This paper introduces an innovative approach to the design and development of a hybrid poly greenhouse with integrated sensor networks for controlled farming. As the global population is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050, the demand for food, clean water and energy has become a pressing issue. Climate change and its consequences, particularly in countries like India, make sustainable and efficient agriculture imperative. This study presents a solution in the form of a controlled greenhouse that utilizes regenerative low temperature evaporative cooling and sensor networks to optimize environmental conditions and irrigation. The design prioritizes resource efficiency, including water reuse and renewable energy sources, while enhancing crop cultivation and addressing food security challenges.
Key words : Wireless sensor network, irrigation system, greenhouse cultivation, sensors