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Effect of Shade Net, Fertilizers and Banana Pseudostem Sap (Enriched) on Nutrient Content of Fenugreek

School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144 411 (Panjab), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 82849-08379)


The field experiment was conducted at NAU, Navsari, Gujarat during rabi season of 2010-11. The treatment consisted of four levels of shade net (N1= 30% shade net, N2= 50% shade net, N3= 75% shade net and N4= open field), two levels of P fertilizer (F1= 40 : 40 : 00 kg NPK/ha to first crop and 40 : 00 : 00 kg NPK/ha to second crop and F2 =40 : 20 : 00 kg NPK/ ha to first and second crop) and two levels of enriched sap (S1=with sap and S2 =without sap) with four replications in the design of FCRD. The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content by the fenugreek (leaves, stem and root) were significantly higher with 30% shade net as compared to 50% shade net (N2), 75% shade net (N3) and open field condition (N4) in both the crops. The application of phosphorus 40 kg/ha showed its superiority over F2 with respect to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content by leaves, stem and root of first crop, but the trend was reversed in second crop. Spraying of enriched sap(S1) recorded significantly higher N, P and K content of leaves, stem and root of fenugreek as compared to no sap application(S2) in both the crops

Key words : Fenugreek, shade net, banana pseudostem sap, nutrient content