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Study of Optimum Irrigation Levels and Fertilizer Dose in Drip Irrigated Okra Crop

School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144 411 (Punjab), India
*(e-mail : nmmisal70@gmailcom; Mobile : 81538-53989)


Experiments in the field were conducted at the Soil and Water Engineering Department research farm, PAU, Ludhiana during March-July 2015, which aimed at knowing the optimum irrigation level and doses of fertilizer. The layout chosen for this experiment was randomized block design including three replications. The fertigation treatments applied were 60% of recommended dose of fertilizer (F1), 80% of recommended dose of fertilizer (F2) and 100% of recommended dose of fertilizer (F3) in main plots. Three irrigation levels based on crop evapotranspiration were 0.6 Etc (I1), 0.8 Etc (I2) and 1.0Etc (I3). Okra yield was maximum in I2F2 treatment (211.6 q/ha) with an increased yield of 27.01% over traditional method. The results revealed that there was significant effect of irrigation and fertilizer treatment as well as its combination on yield but the effect was not significant on plant height and plant population

Key words : Drip irrigation, okra, fertigation