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Evaluation of Commercial Grape Varieties with Various Methods of Vine Forming

Nikolay Vasilevich Matuzok, Leonid Petrovich Troshin, Roman Viktorovich Kravchenko, Ruslan Aidamirovich Gish and Alexander Valeryevich Milovanov
Kuban State Agrarian University, Kalinina Street, 13, Krasnodar, 350044, Russian Federation
*(e-mail :; Contact : 7(861) 221-58-43)
(Received : September 27, 2020; Accepted : November 10, 2020)


The highest net income (89.0 thousand rubles/ha) and profitability level (91.7%) were noted in the variant with Chardonnay with Guyot vine forming. The highest rates of fruiting and fruitfulness of the vegetative shoots were found in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In the case of cordon vine forming, their coefficients of fruiting had been 1.15 and 1.29; in the case of Guyot vine forming, they were 1.13 and 1.21, respectively. The highest yields of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties were observed in the case of Guyot vine forming (9.3 t/ha for Chardonnay and 8.2 t/ha for Pinot Noir, respectively), compared to cordon vine forming.
Key words : : Grapes, variety, eye, fruiting rate, vine shape, yield, quality, economic efficiency