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Economics of Inland Fish Production and Marketing in West Bengal, India

O. P. Singh and P. K. Singh
Department of Agricultural Economics, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi221 005 (Uttar Pradesh), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9450392935)
(Received : August 17, 2020; Accepted : October 14, 2020)


The fisheries sector has gigantic potential to double the income of fish farmers by 2020, as envisioned by the government of India. The present study was based on primary data and collected from Coochbehar district of West Bengal. Results of the present study suggested that per hectare cost of fish production and marketing in the study area was Rs. 125736.97. Net income received by the fish farmers in the study area was Rs. 223931.03/ha. Per quintal cost of production was estimated to be Rs. 2564.01 and per quintal marketing cost of fish was Rs. 689.75. The B : C ratio for fish farming was found to be 2.78. There were three types of marketing channels prevailing in the study area. The most efficient marketing channel was channel-I followed by channel-II and channel-III. The producers’ share in consumers’
rupee was highest for marketing channel-I followed by marketing channel-II and marketing channel-III.
Key words : : Inland fisheries, cost of fish farming, marketing channel, marketing efficiency, marketing margin