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GC-MS Screening of Valuable Volatile Compounds in the Waste of Uncaria gambir

Department of Agricultural Product Technology, Andalas University, West Sumatera, 25163, Indonesia
*(e-mail :; Phone : +62 081270785447)
(Received : June 13, 2019; Accepted : August 11, 2019)


The aim of this study was to identify the valuable volatile compound that contains in the waste of Uncaria gambir (Gambir) after extraction process of its tannin and cathecin. The big volume of the waste of gambir becomes one of natural waste problems now-a-days. Therefore, by discovering the valuable compounds that contain the waste of gambir could induce the utilization of this waste. The compounds in the waste of gambir were extracted by extractive succession method with several solvents according to the increment of their polarity i. e. hexane, toluene, xylene, n-butanol, etylacetate, acetone and water. The extracts from nbutanol, etylacetate, acetone which contain the high yield of extraction residue were injected to gas chromatography-mass spectrometer to identify the possible of valuable volatile compounds. Pyrocathecol and phloroglucinol which are known as raw materials for industry were detected in the waste of gambir. Our result suggested that the waste of gambir still had a potentiality to be explored due to its contained valuable chemical compounds thus it could be utilized further to reduce their volume.
Key words :GC-MS, identification, Uncaria gambir, waste