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Immunological Study of Growth Differentiation Factor 15 (GDF 15) in Relation to Aborted Women

University of Kufa, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Najaf, Iraq
*(e-mail :; Mobile : (00964)+7801103720) (Received : May 19, 2019; Accepted : July 12, 2019)


This study was conducted on randomly selected 60 aborted women suffering from miscarriage in Al-Zahraa Teaching Hospital in Al-Najaf province, Iraq and a group of 28 apparently control groups (14 pregnancy and 14 non-pregnancy). The study was carried out from September 2018 to February 2019. The age of patients and control groups ranged from 20 to 39 years, weight <65 to >76 kg and gestational age first trimester, second trimester. The results demonstrated that there was a significant increase (P0. 05) in weight in aborted women and pregnancy group in comparison with the non-pregnancy group. There was significant decrease (P0. 05) in GDF 15 level of aborted women in comparison with pregnancy group, whereas there was increase (P0. 05) in GDF 15 level in pregnancy group as compared with non-pregnancy group. Significant increase was in weight group of aborted women (>76 kg, 66-75 kg) as compared with (<65 kg). Similarly, there was significant increase (P0. 05) in GDF 15 level of weight groups (>76 kg) as compared with weight groups (<65 kg, 66-75 kg), whereas low significant increase (P0. 05) in age (30-39) in comparison with age (20-29) and significant increase (P0.05) in GDF level in age (30-39) in comparison with age (20-29). Significant positive correlation (P0.05) was observed between weight (kg) and GDF 15 level of miscarried women and between gestational age (week) and GDF 15 level of aborted women. Key words : Miscarriage, aborted women, pregnancy, Al-Najaf province