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Polyhouse Cultivation in Haryana : Prospects and Constraints

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004 (Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9896221071)
(Received : June 17, 2019; Accepted : August 21, 2019)


Haryana is the state which has been honoured as the cereal bowl of the country. The agricultural sector is the major employment providing sector of the economy which in the present secanrio has been diversified using the protected cultivation technique. The present study was carried out with the objective of anayzing the prospects and constraints of polyhouse cultivation. The study was carried out on a sample of 180 farmers using the proportionate sampling method from the Rohtak admininstrative zone of Haryana. The results were obtained using the weighted mean square method and the same was explained with help of tabulation methods. The findings revealed that multiple cropping on same piece of land increased production and productivity, better quality crops for export were the major prospects, while high cost and low durability of cladding material, lack of skilled labour and lack of processing units were some of the major constraints faced by the polyhouse cultivators.
Key words : Polyhouse, cultivators, prospects and constraints