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Role of CD4 and CD19 during the Immune Response of Typhoid Patients

Faculty of Science, College of Science, University of Kufa, Iraq
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(Received : July 19, 2019; Accepted : August 22, 2019)


This study was achieved in laboratories of Biology Department in Faculity of Science during 1-12-2018 to 1-5-2019. It clarified the role of CD4 and CD19 during the immune response of typhoid patients. A total number of 120 samples (blood and serum) were collected from patients with typhoid fever infection admitted to AL-Sader Teaching Hospital, AL-Hakim General Hospital and AL-Furat Alawsat Hospital in AL-Najaf Governorate during the period from December 2018 to April 2019. By using the Widal test, the 50 samples were excluded as these were Salmonella paratyphi and the remaining samples (70) were considered for the pre-treatment cases for this study. Isolates of S. typhi were diagnosed by using (Vitek 2 compact system), and the cultured and the biochemical tests (using API 20 system) for the bacterial isolates were investigated in the laboratory. The results showed an increase in CD4 levels (2.356) in typhoid patients in pre-treatment compared to control treatments (1.014); also the CD19 levels (2.049) increased but at a lower rate than CD4 levels. In post-treatment, both CD4 (1.185) and CD19 (1.281) levels decreased nearby to the control treatments. Also, the results displayed that CD4 and CD19 levels in males (2.609 and 2.176, respectively) were higher than females (2.102 and 1.922, respectively) in pre-treatment, also in post-treatment the CD4 and CD19 levels in males (1.216 and 1.334, respectively) were higher than females (1.155 and 1.228, respectively).
Key words : CD4, CD19, immune response, typhoid