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Working Women and Motherhood – A Review

Faculty of Management Sciences and Liberal Arts, Shoolini University, Village Bajhol, P. O. Sultanpur, Solan173 229 (Himachal Pradesh), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8894002559)
(Received : June 26, 2019; Accepted : August 22, 2019)


A mother, sister, wife and daughter are some of the roles that women are often linked in a society. But working women also play an additional role outside the household; and balancing these roles is what constitutes the challenge to working women. The journey of motherhood is not easy, particularly for working women who face many difficulties while raising their children. Leaving her child in someone else’s care is difficult–both emotionally and logistically. This puts a stress on women’s minds and a sense of guilt occurs among them as they are not with their child when they need them most. Many studies have shown that working mothers are more prone to stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It has also been observed that family support is something a working mother need most at the first instance. This review paper analyzes different aspects of a working mother’s life and her relation with the child, irrespective of
the fact where she is working. The understanding of the difficulties that working women face, either social, psychological and emotional, is important for improving their work environment.
Key words : Working mother, mental stress, maternity leave, returning from leave