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Synergistic Effect of Ciprofloxacin with Clove Extract and Thyme Oil to Control Bacterial Infection of Acute Otitis Media

Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Egypt
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 00201024845999)
(Received : August 2, 2019; Accepted : October 15, 2019)


This study was carried out to elucidate using plant extracts and essential oils as alternative drugs. Medicinal plants are safe and cheap source to treat acute otitis media caused by bacteria which are resistant to antibacterial drugs. The results illustrated that the water extracts of clove and green tea were most effective against isolated multiresistant fungi. Thyme, cinnamon and clove volatile oils were most effective on tested bacterial isolates. The synergistic effect of combination between ciprofloxacin as antibacterial with clove extract and thyme oil clearly improved the antibacterial activity when compared with antibacterial ciprofloxacin or cephradine alone which had no effect against infective bacteria. The change of ultrastructure of Proteus penneri cells was examined after exposure to ciprofloxacin combined with clove extract and thyme oil which exhibited complete destruction of the cell, increased nucleus size and cytoplasm clumping. Thickened or damage of cell wall and cell membrane, alteration and decrease in cytoplasm density, globule, vacuole formed, scatter nuclear material when compared with untreated cell as control.
Key words : Otitis media, ciprofloxacin, clove extract, thyme oil, Proteus penneri