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Storage Induced Changes in Physico-chemical Properties of Whole Wheat Flour

Department of Food Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar-125 001
(Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9518477608)
(Received : July 9, 2019; Accepted : September 11, 2019)


Freshly milled whole wheat flour samples of six wheat cultivars were stored at three different storage temperatures (30°C, 20°C and 4°C) and changes in quality parameters were determined at regular intervals during 80 days storage. To study the effect of storage time and temperature, whole wheat flour samples were studied for falling number values, wet and dry gluten contents, pH values and changes in moisture contents. Storage of whole wheat flour intensely modified all the parameters examined. Falling number values showed sharp increase at elevated temperatures and a moderate increase on low temperature in all the cultivars studied under storage. Wet and dry gluten quantity decreased during storage. Significant decrease in pH and increase in moisture were observed at the end of storage period. Among all six varieties, variety PBW 343 was noticed with most extreme modification in quality parameters, while HS 490 was with least changes. Drastic changes occurred in whole wheat flour samples stored at high temperature storage (30°C), while reduced changes were observed at low temperature (4°C).
Key words : Whole wheat flour, changes, falling number, gluten, storage