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Screening of the Antifungal Activity of Alangium salviifolium (L. f.) Wang. Root Extract against Alternaria spp.

Department of Botany, Shibli National PG College, Azamgarh-276 001 (Affiliated to Veer Bahadur Singh
Purvanchal University, Jaunpur-222 001 (U. P.), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9889453252)
(Received : December 5, 2018; Accepted : February 22, 2019)


The present investigation was designed to evaluate in vitro antifungal activity of Alangium salviifolium root
extract against Alternaria spp.–the causal organism of leaf blight of crucifers. The ethanolic extract of A.
salviifolium was fractionated with different solvents viz., Petroleum ether, Benzene, Carbon tetrachloride,
Chloroform, Acetone and Methanol by Differential Solubility Method. Among them, Petroleum ether fraction
completely inhibited mycelial growth of the test fungi. The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of
Petroleum ether fraction was found 6,000 ppm against both the species of the test pathogens. It may be
suggested that the difference in MIC values of various fractions may either be due to differences in the
chemical compositions of the active constituents or due to difference in resistance of different test pathogens.
Further studies need to be undertaken to isolate the biofungicides from this extract.

Key words :Alangium salviifolium, antifungal activity, Alternaria spp., minimum inhibitory concentration