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Standardization of Gamma, X-ray and Electron Radiation against Galleria mellonella L., a Pest of Stored Honey Bee Combs

Department of Physics, Institute of Applied Sciences and Humanities, GLA University, Mathura-281 406 (Uttar
Pradesh), India
*(e-mail:; Mobile: 70069 29190)
(Received : December 5, 2022; Accepted : January 6, 2023)


The current study investigated the role of different types of ionizing radiation in causing damage to the
eggs and larvae of Galleria mellonella. Moreover, the effect of varying dose rates on the sterilizing dose
was investigated besides the sterilizing dose for male pupae of G. mellonella using gamma, x and electron
beams. Egg hatchability was found to depend less on the energy of gamma and x-ray radiation in the MeV range and more on the rate at which a given dose was delivered, in addition to dosage amount. After 52.6 and 46.99 h of exposure to 0.662 MeV gamma rays and 6 MeV electrons, respectively, at a dose of 500 Gy, 50% larval death was noted. The male pupae of G. mellonella were sterilized with 350 Gy by all types of ionizing radiation in the MeV range of energy and the effect of dose rate in causing sterility was found to be minimal.
Key words : Greater wax moth, dose rate, sterility, electrons, energy