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Study of the Physico-chemical Properties of Amaranth Grains Grown in the Kemerovo Region

Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy, Markovtseva Street, 5, Kemerovo, 650056, Russia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8 (495) 938-03-09)
(Received : October 5, 2021; Accepted : December 11, 2021)


Amaranth seeds have excellent nutritional properties as they are rich in macronutrients, dietary fiber,
vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals : polyphenols and phytosterols. As a result of the research,
the main physical and chemical characteristics of amaranth grains of the variety Yantar, grown in the
Kemerovo region at natural humidity and dried in air, were established. It was found that the mass
fraction of the crude protein of dried amaranth grains of the Yantar variety grown in the Kemerovo
region, was higher by 11.6%, the mass fraction of fat in dried amaranth grains by 10.5%, the mass
fraction of crude fiber of dried amaranth grains by 11.5%, the mass of the crude fiber proportion in dried
amaranth grains by 11.6%, the mass fraction of calcium and phosphorus in dried grains of amaranth by
12 and 12.5%, respectively, the mass fraction of nitrogen-free extractive substances for dried grains by
11.5%, the content of exchange energy for dried grains amaranth by 11.5%, the number of feed units for
dried amaranth grains by 11.8%, the amount of digestible protein for dried grains was higher by 11.5%
comparing to amaranth grains at natural moisture. It was shown that all properties of amaranth grains
at natural moisture content were 10.5-12% less than ones for grains dried in air.
Key words : : Amaranth, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, digestible protein