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Transmission of White Syndrome Disease on Foliose Coral (Echinopora sp. and Montipora sp.) in Pulau Sempu Nature Reserve Water, Malang Regency

Marine Science Department, University of Brawijaya, Malang Indonesia
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Many coral diseases emerged from Sempu Island Nature Reserve water due to recent development of fisheries port, local activities and unintegrated tourism, out of which White Syndrome is one of it. White syndrome (WS) is a collective term of several types of coral disease that shows white zones such as white band I and II, white plague I and II. Kondang Buntung (Depan) station is the only location with Echinopora sp. and Montipora sp. along with white syndrome. The goal of this study was to determine White Syndrome’s transmision between Echinopora sp. and Montipora sp. Data were obtained from Kondang Buntung Depan station on Sempu Island Nature Reserve water from July-August 2018 at 7 m depth. Data transmission were carried out by direct attachment. The results showed that there was no transmission of white syndrome on healthy corals (Echinopora sp. and Montipora sp.). This was when the temperature of Sempu Island Nature Reserve was still in normal condition. High temperatures activated pathogenic bacteria in these waters and the chance of transmission of the disease was greater. The next factor, bacteria in the coral colony Echinopora sp. and Montipora sp. was as anti-pathogenic bacterium (Pseudomonas aeruginosia, Pseudomonas mendocina and Pseudomonas sp.).
Key words : Coral disease, Echinopora sp., Montipora sp., transmission, Pulau Sempu