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Ulcerative Mycosis Associated with Dermatological Diseases in Ornamental Fish Species

Department of Zoology and Fishery Science, Azad College, Ausa-413 520 (Maharashtra), India
*(e-mail :, Mobile : 9175103399)
(Received : December 3, 2019; Accepted : February 8, 2020)


The present study was conducted to investigate dermatological diseases in ornamental fishes. During present investigations, pathological chronic inflammation surrounded broad aseptate hyphae. Inflammation and hemorrhage also extended laterally under intact skin. Lymphocytes were common and eosinophilic granular cells were often associated with the fungal invasion and appeared as necrotic muscle fibers with loss of striations that were being phagocytized by macrophages. In addition to the deep ulcers described above, some fungal lesions in southern flounder were instead, flat, shallow ulcers or raised oval lesions up having diffuse to organized inflammatory foci with macrophage like cells. This study with ornamented fishes have shown that ulcerative mycosis was associated with oomycete fungi. Dermatopathies also affected other fish species in the aquariums.
Key words : Ornamental fish species, dermatological diseases, ulcers