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Analysis of Natural Reforestation Below the Forest Canopy and in Areas Damaged by Forest Fires in Siberia (Tomsk Region, Russia)

Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction, Institute of Biology, National Research Tomsk State University, 36 Lenin Ave., 634050, Tomsk, Russia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 7 (3822) 529-444)
(Received : January 14, 2020; Accepted : March 18, 2020)


Forests are of great environmental and economic value to humans; therefore, the implicit objective of forestry is to ensure reforestation of burned and cleared areas of forest, which are not inferior in the
characteristics of stands. The natural course of reforestation is economically more profitable due to lower financial and labour costs, and in environmental terms, natural reforestation leads to more sustainable
stands compared to artificial ones. Natural reforestation was studied on sample plots laid out in the Vasyugan forestry, Tomsk region, and performed silvicultural and taxation analysis of stands. Forest inventory was performed, woody plant species were grouped with regard to the height-age structure, and the ecological status and the main indicators of forest phytocenoses were specified.
Key words : Natural reforestation, forest fires, Tomsk region