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Study of Enzymes, HPLC and NMR Analysis of Varieties of Cucumis sativus L. of Hassan District

Department of Studies and Research in Biotechnology, Tumkuru University, Tumkuru-572 102 (Karnataka), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8217253664)
(Received : January 24, 2020; Accepted : March 20, 2020)


The Cucumis sativus L. is a popular cultivated plant in Cucurbitaceae. Different varieties of cucumber are grown in various parts of the world. The present study aimed at assaying enzyme activity of catalase, invertase, polyphenol oxidase, antioxidant activity and SDS PAGE in three varieties of cucumber aqueous fruit extract. Phytochemical, HPLC and NMR analysis of white foamy substances was carried out. Among three varieties of cucumber studied local green variety showed the highest activity of catalase and invertase. Yellow variety exhibited highest PPO and antioxidant activity. SDS PAGE of fruit extract exhibited 16 prominent protein bands in green variety, 14 protein bands in white variety, one prominent protein band and four faint bands in yellow variety. Preliminary phytochemical analysis of white foamy substance indicated the presence of sugars, phenols, triterpenes, tannins and cardiac glycosides. Because of pharmacological importance, cardiac glycosides were estimated quantitatively in green, white and yellow varieties of cucumber. HPLC and NMR analysis was carried out for white foamy extract. Triterpenes and
digoxin related cardiac glycosides analog were present in the white foamy extract of green and white varieties of C. sativus L. which possed immense pharmacological properties.
Key words : Cucumis sativus L., catalase, invertase, polyphenol oxidase, antioxidant activity, SDS PAGE, phytochemical, HPLC, NMR