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Breeding Young Kazakh White-headed Cattle in Different Calving Seasons

Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University, Republic of Kazakhstan
*(e-mail :, Telephone : +7 7112 50 13 74)
(Received : September 30, 2021; Accepted : November 10, 2021)


This research was carried out in the breeding farms of the West Kazakhstan region (Aisulu farm, Hafiz
farm, Dongelek farm and Plemzavod Chapaevsky LLP). The object of the study was to obtain the young
cattle of Kazakh white-headed breed from cows in different calving seasons. Using modern methods of
economic analysis in the agro-industrial complex and predicted economic efficiency indices, the authors
determined the economic efficiency of raising young animals depending on the calving season. The
study of growth and development of young stock was carried out monthly by weighing the calves in the
morning before feeding and drinking. Based on the weighing results, the authors determined the following
parameters of the productivity of young animals : the live weight of heifers and bulls of the Kazakh
white-headed breed of different birth seasons; average daily weight gain of young animals; the features
of the exterior and constitution of the young cattle were studied by taking basic measurements of the
physique and calculating the physique indices based on them. The data obtained indicated that each
farm was characterized by specific conditions for calving according to the seasons of the year, which
must be taken into account when organizing herd reproduction and scheduling of mating, insemination
and calving.
Key words : : Average daily gain, calving season, economic efficiency, Kazakh white-headed breed, live weight