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The Efficiency of Adding the M-feed Supplement into the Composition of Feed for Broiler Chickens

The Efficiency of Adding the M-feed Supplement into the Composition of Feed for Broiler Chickens

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education, National Research Ogarev Mordovia State
Univerity, Bolshevistskaya Street, 68, Saransk, 430005, Russia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 78342472377)
(Received : July 16, 2021; Accepted : September 11, 2021)


It was found that adding different dosages of the M-feed supplement in the composition of mixed feeds for broiler chickens had a positive effect on metabolism and productivity, improved the absorption and use of mineral elements of the diet, normalized blood, and increased growth energy by 7.6% compared to the control group, leading to a decrease in feed consumption per 1 kg of weight gain. Based on the analysis of the control slaughter and morphological cutting of carcasses of broiler chickens, it was observed that the inclusion of a new feed supplement called M-feed in the diet contributed to an increase in the slaughter qualities and slaughter yield of half-gutted and gutted carcasses. The weight of the half-gutted carcass of broiler chickens of the 2nd experimental group was 8.9% higher compared to the weight of the chickens in the control group and 6.08 and 4.6% higher than the weight of the chickens in the 1st and 3rd experimental groups. The supplement under study also contributed to the production of higher quality meat. Thus, in the experimental groups, the yield of carcasses of the first category compared with the control chickens was 5.0-9.5% higher. The carcasses were characterized by an increased mass of edible parts and muscles.

Key words : : Broiler chickens, Ross-308, M-feed supplement, compound feed, diet, mineral elements, live weight, average daily gain, poultry meat, cross