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Characterization and in vitro Applications of Immobilized Protease from Local Varieties of Papaya

Seema J. Patel, Amith S. Hiremath, M. Chethana, S. S. Dhanalaxmi and K. S. Lakshmi
Department of Biotechnology, Davangere University, Davangere-577 707 (Karnataka), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9448223566)
(Received : April 8, 2021; Accepted : June 12, 2021)


The enzyme papain was extracted from the latex and partially purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation
and dialysis. The enzyme preparation was immobilized using different carriers and enzyme activity was
compared. Immobilized enzyme was characterized under different conditions and reuse stability was
determined. Papain extracted from the edible variety was found to be effective in blood stain removal,
yeast extract preparation and egg albumin digestion, showing its potential application in fields other
than food.
Key words : : Papain, proteolytic activity, immobilization, papaya varieties