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Challenges of Biomedical Waste Management

Department of Environmental Science, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak-124 001 (Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8178060138)
(Received : May 1, 2019; Accepted : July 9, 2019)


Management of biomedical waste has become a very serious health problem in developing countries. Biomedical waste management is getting more attention after the regulations of the Biomedical Wastes (Management and Handling Rules, 1998). Every day, in the health care hospitals and in various facilities large amount of hazardous and potentially infectious wastes is generated. Insufficient waste management and chaotic disposal of biomedical waste that occur in hospital cause various types of health effect on human society, the employees associated with the health care facilities and on environment; possess serious danger to health of human and the surrounding environment and for that; it requires a particular treatment and management before its final disposal. Report of CPCB (2013) states that rules are violated by 7894 health centers. The present review was conducted for the assessment of the proportions of different elements of wastes, their segregation, handling, disposal and treatment method for the management of biomedical waste. Moreover, there are no routine checkups taken by the government agencies. Leased facilities are available for treatment in small clinics and dispensaries. It also helps in creating awareness amongst the personnel who are associated with the health care unit by giving appropriate suggestions.
Key words : Biomedical waste management (BMW), CPCB, hazardous waste, health care facilities