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Contribution towards Doubling of Farmers’ Income : Training Impact of Milk and Milk Products

Department of Extension Education and Communication Management, CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar-125 004 (Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9050523766)
(Received : November 22, 2018; Accepted : January 16, 2019)


Agriculturists and Nutritionists have generally agreed that developing the processing of milk and milk products
is the fastest means of bridging the protein deficiency gap presently prevailing in the country. It is also a promising source of additional source of income and quick return of investment. The present study was conducted in Jind district of Haryana state with the objectives to organize vocational training on preparation of milk products for rural women and assess its impact. Total 120 women respondents were selected for the studies who were interested to undertake such type of trainings. The results of the study clearly indicated that after exposed to training rural women had succeeded in acquiring knowledge scores from 71 to 98.7% for ingredients used and methods of preparation of selected products. The Impact Assessment Index (IAI) of preparation of milk products was 68.14% which is moderately high. Thus, it can be inferred that after exposed to training, majority of rural women had sufficient gain in knowledge and changed their attitude and skill. It will definitely lead towards rural transformation and open new vistas for rural women to start their own agro-preneurship in milk and milk products.

Key words : Doubling farmers’ income, skill acquisition, impact assessment index