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Growth Potential of Banana (Musa) Plants after Fertigation Treatments under Polynet House Condition

Lal Bahadur, Anmol and Shailesh Kumar Singh
Department of Horticulture, School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144 411 (Punjab), India
Presently: School of Agriculture, ITM University, Gwalior-474 001 (MP), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9855949955)
(Received : April 30, 2020; Accepted : June 10, 2020)


Banana is surface feeder of nutrients, moisture loving and exhaustive plant so needs regular and frequent supply of water and fertilizers. The research was carried out to evaluate the banana cultivation on the basis of growth performance under poly-net house and open field conditions subjected to fertigation treatments. The six fertigation levels and two growing conditions were studied for pseudostem height, pseudostem girth and number of leaves per plant. The highest pseudostem height (250.27 cm) was reported in F5C1 followed by F4C1 (242.42 cm) and F3C1 (238.35 cm); maximum pseudostem girth (65.20 cm)
was observed with F3C1 followed by F5C1 (63.18 cm) and F4C1 (62.31 cm), while maximum number of leaves per plant was counted in F3C1 (17.32) followed by F4C1 (16.47). The growth performance under poly-net house condition was reported to be better than open field conditions.
Key words : Banana, fertigation, growth potential, poly-net house, pseudostem