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Identification and Morphology of Portulaca on Various Altitudes in East Java, Indonesia

Department of Agrotechnology Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran”, East Java, Rungkut Madya Gunung, Anyarstreet 60294, Surabaya Indonesia *(e-mail :; Mobile : +62 81515301551)
(Received : March 20, 2019; Accepted : May 21, 2019)


Portulaca plants are beneficial both as a source of food and medicinal ingredients. The development of portulaca cultivation requires the knowledge of plant characteristics through identification of portulaca plants. The purpose of this study was to obtain information on portulaca morphological characters from various altitudes in an effort to preserve portulaca germplasm so that later it can be used as a reference in determining the good and superior portulaca character to be developed. This research used a survey method where sampling was done intentionally (purposive sampling). Identification activities were carried out in the lowland area of Rungkut sub-district, Surabaya, medium altitude land in the DAU district of Malang, and in the highlands of Bumiaji Batu sub-district. The results of purslane exploration in the lowlands of Surabaya had four types of species, namely, Portulaca oleraceae L., Portulaca grandiflora Hook, Portulaca pilosa L. and Portulaca quadrifida L. In the plain area DAU Malang, there were three species, namely, P. oleraceae L., P. grandiflora Hook and P. quadrifida L. In the highland area of Bumiaji district, there were two types of species, namely, P. oleraceae L. and P. grandiflora Hook.
Key words :Portulaca, identification, morphology, altitude