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Infestation and Evaluation Efficacy of Monitoring by Alcohol Trap and Application of Local Beauveria bassiana for Control of Coffee Berry Borer in the North-western Region of Vietnam

Tay Bac University, Quyet Tam Ward, Son La City, Son La Province, Vietnam
*(e-mail :; Mobile : +84129128438932)
(Received : October 15, 2021; Accepted : November 25, 2021)


Demand for higher food standards and concerns with heavy pesticide use led to a rapidly changing
farming system in Vietnam. Overall, the percentage of berries damaged by CBB on the 1st and fourth
flowering was higher than others. The highest infested berry percentage in the 1st flowering was 19.7,
the second, third and fourth proportions infested berries were 9.21, 12.43 and 17.14%, respectively. The
catched CBB adults/trap were highest in May and June, with an average of 7.5 to 101.4 CBBs per trap/
week. The highest proportion of berry infestation (5.9 to 7.3%) was recorded in October. The trials that
control CBB using Beauveria bassiana showed a lower percentage of berry damaged by CBB (6.33) than the
percentage of berry damaged by CBB on plot application of chemical insecticide (13.70). Based on these
results, alcohol trap and B. bassiana should be implemented as a part of integrated pest management
CBB to reduce the use of chemical insecticides towards sustainable food systems. Bottle traps using
alcohol attractants will help farmers track CBB populations and monitor CBB adult flight to determine
the best timing for insecticide (chemical, entomopathogenic fungi) spray. It was also concluded to assess
CBB infestation and determine the efficacy of monitoring CBB by alcohol traps and the local B. bassiana
for control of CBB.
Key words : Alcohol trap, coffee berry borer, Beauveria bassiana