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L-Carnitine Reduces Blood Pressure and Oxidative Stress in Salt Loaded-Uninephrectomized Hypertensive Rats

Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, Erbil Health and Medical Technical College, Erbil Polytechnic
University, Erbil, Iraq
Presently at: Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, Al-Qalam University College, Kirkuk, Iraq
*(e-mail:; Mobile: 964 75044 92631)
(Received: January 5, 2023; Accepted: February 6, 2023)


The aim of the present study was to investigate the hemodynamic and antioxidant actions of L-carnitine in salt-loaded, uninephrectomized (UNx) hypertensive rats. Twenty-four male albino rats were randomly divided into three groups. Group 1 rats underwent sham operations without performing nephrectomy, group 2 included uninephrectomized salt-loaded hypertensive rats, and in group 3 UNx salt-loaded rats were treated with L-carnitine (5 g/kg) in the diet. Statistical analysis revealed that systolic blood pressure (SBP), malondialdehyde (MDA), uric acid, urea, total protein, albumin and red distribution width (RDW) were significantly increased, while RBC count was reduced in 4% salt-loaded UNx hypertensive rats. Interestingly, L-carnitine markedly reduced SBP, MDA, serum albumin and RDW compared with 4% salt-loaded UNx hypertensive rats. This finding suggested that L-carnitine reduced the elevated SBP induced by Unx-4% NaCl rats, besides its antioxidant action through reduction of lipid peroxidation level.
Key words : Uninephrectomized salt-loaded hypertension, L-carnitine, hemodynamic, malondialdehyde, rats