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Optimization of Tractor Use in Haryana : A Study in Sirsa District

Department of Agricultural Economics, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004 (Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9053690381
(Received : February 20, 2018; Accepted : April 27, 2018)


The present study was conducted during 2012 in Sirsa district in two blocks Baragudha and Odhan and each block had
three villages under study and these were Rori, Surtia, Baragudha and Gadrana, Odhan and Deshumalkan, respectively. The average annual use of tractors was found 617.53 h, out of which for 68.75 h (11.13%) the tractors were used for own work and for 548.78 h (88.87%) the tractor was used for hired out operations. Non-agricultural operations (4.90%) were observed as the major non-agricultural operations in which maximum use of tractors was found both for own work and hired out work (23.35%), whereas minimum use both for own work and hired out work was found for irrigation (0.20%). Operation cost of more than 35 h. p. tractor was found Rs. 266783.60, while custom hiring rate prevailed Rs. 350, 404 and 442 per hour for less than and equal to 25 h. p., 30-35 h. p. and more than 35 h. p. tractors, respectively. Maximum number of 20.51% of the tractors having more than 35 h. p. was regarded as economically safe range. The break-even annual use of more than 35 h. p. tractors was found Rs. 557.17 per hour in a year.

Key words : Annual tractor use, break-even point, custom hiring, fixed cost, irrigation