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Sensorial Characteristics of Intermediate Moisture Aonla Segments

Centre of Food Science and Technology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004 (Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 4915213081237
(Received : April 11, 2018; Accepted : June 25, 2018)


Intermediate moisture aonla segments (sweet and spiced) cv. Banarasi were developed by using three types of osmotic
agents i. e. 60% sucrose (T1), 60% sucrose-glycerol (1:1) (T2) and 60% glycerol (T3). The other three treatments (T3 to T6) were formulated by combining spices and the formulating agents consecutively mentioned above. The effect of different treatments and storage on sensory scores (9-point hedonic scale) for colour and appearance, texture, mouthfeel, taste and overall acceptability of IMF segments prepared from aonla fruits cv. Banarasi was studied for six months. A significant decrease in mean score for sensory parameters of IMF segments was noticed during storage. IMF segments remained acceptable up to three months with respect to colour and appearance, texture, taste, mouthfeel and overall acceptability. In sweet IMF aonla segments, T1 was found most acceptable (7.4) followed by T2 (6.7) and T3 (5.7). In spiced IMF aonla segments, T4 (7.1) was found most acceptable product with least score in T6 (5.4).

Key words : Aonla, sensory characteristics, intermediate moisture foods (IMF), osmotic solutes