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Phylogenetic Relatedness of Drawida japonica (Michaelsen, 1892) and Drawida nepalensis (Michaelsen, 1907) (Clitellata : Moniligastridae) from the Western Himalaya, India

Shailja Kumari, Chandresh Kumari, Sasankan Prasanth Narayanan, Kamal Dev and Jatinder Mohan Julka
School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences,
Solan-173 229 (Himachal Pradesh), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8894618552)
(Received : June 5, 2020; Accepted : August 17, 2020)


Family Moniligastridae in Western Himalaya, an integral part of the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot, is represented by two peregrine species Drawida japonica and Drawida nepalensis. Former species is considered to be originated somewhere in East Asia, whereas the latter is from the Himalayas. Phylogenetic relationship of these peregrine species was analyzed by using mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequences. Tree topologies obtained from BI, ML and MP analysis were identical with few variations. The phylogenetic analysis indicated D. japonica from Sirmaur, Western Himalaya, India closely related to D. japonica from Shandong and Liaodong peninsulas of China, while D. nepalensis shared more relatedness to D. assamensis from North Eastern Hills of India along with other Drawida species from Western Ghats of India and of
Key words : Earthworms, Drawida, peregrine, 16S rDNA gene, phylogeny