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Physico-chemical Characterization of Dwarf Phalsa (Grewia asiatica) Collected from Central Fruit Farm, Hisar (Haryana)

Department of Food Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar-125 001
(Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8607349869, 9813418068)
(Received : February 13, 2019; Accepted : April 24, 2019)


Physical attributes are very important for sorting, grading, post harvest handling and processing of phalsa.
Fresh phalsa fruits of variety ‘Sharbati’ procured from Hisar (Haryana) were analyzed for organoleptic
(colour, shape, size, surface texture) and physical (length, diameter, pulp/seed ratio, juice recovery, pomace,
pH) characteristics. The colour of mature phalsa was dark purplish with pleasant taste. White hairy
growth was noticed on outer surface. Average weight of large- sized fruits was 5.65 g, whereas for small

fruits 3.02 g. For large-sized (two-seeded) fruits pulp/seed ratio was 10.98, whereas for small fruits (one-
seeded) was 10.07. Average length of 10.00 mm and diameter of 10.26 mm were observed for the fresh

fruits. Fruit was found spherical with length/diameter ratio of 0.97 with pH value of 3.58. A juice recovery
of 22.89% was obtained with 77.06% pomace content. Properly mature fruits replaced equal volume of
water to its weight during the measurement. Therefore, bulk density of 1.00 g/cm3 was noticed for fresh

Key words :Shape, size, colour, juice recovery, pH