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Sapogenin Mixture and Methanolic Extract Obtained from Leaves of Dragea volubilis Improve Memory in Young and Aged Mice

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra Ropar-144 533 (Punjab), India
(e-mail :; Mobile : 9855075295, 9464057141)
(Received: November 2, 2022; Accepted: December 7, 2022)


The methanolic extract prepared in a Soxhlet apparatus after de-fatting with petroleum ether was fractionated using a butanol and water mixture to obtain a crude sapogenin glycosidic mixture. Methanolic extract of Dragea volubilis and sapogenin mixture (active fraction-AF) ameliorated memory in young and aged animals in exteroceptive and scopolamine-induced amnesia in mice behavioural models. A significant transfer latency (TL) reduction in the elevated plus maze was observed. It also demonstrated improvement in locomotor activity. These observations suggest that the methanolic extract and a fraction obtained from D. volubilis had the potential as a nootropic and it should be explored further for evaluation as a cognition enhancer.
Key words : MDV, Dragea volubilis, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), AF