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The Efficacy of Anaerobic Capacity Interval Training on Kick Endurance of PencakSilat Athletes

Rasydi Sumetry, Syafrudin, Gusril and Daimon Syukri
Post Graduate Program of Education Science, Padang State University, Indonesia
(e-mail :; Contact : +62-812-66611177)
(Received : April 25, 2021; Accepted : June 14, 2021)


PencakSilat is a sport that is competed at the international level, such as the Sea Games, Asian
Games and World Championships. This study aimed at determining the effect of the interval method as
well as the level of anaerobic capacity of athletes on the increment of endurance of PencakSilat kicks
during the competition. The participants conducted the simultaneous interval trainings both intensive
interval method and extensive interval method for four weeks before the endurance evaluation. Endurance
performance was measured by a time trail test of 300 m. From this study, it was found that the intensive
interval method had increased the endurance of the kicks of the PencakSilat athletes significantly.
Moreover, the power of the kicks of the PencakSilat athletes with a high anaerobic capacity had also
increased significantly. There was an interaction between the interval method and anaerobic capacity
for the increment of the power endurance of the PencakSilat athletes. There was a significant difference
between the intensive interval method with the capacity high anaerobic and the extensive interval
method with low anaerobic capacity. These findings suggested that the improvement of the power
endurance of the kicks of PencakSilat athletes could be achieved by doing the intensive interval training
with high anaerobic capacity. The result of this study could be utilized as a reference in curriculum
development for the education of PencakSilat in the future.
Key words : : Competition, kick, physical condition, power endurance, training method