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The Yield Rate and Grain Quality of Mid-ripening and Mid-late Valuable Varieties of Spring Soft Wheat Bred in Siberia, in the Northern Foreststeppe of the Tyumen Region

Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University, Republiki Str., 7, Tyumen, Tyumen Region, 625003, Russia
*(e-mail :; Telephone : 8 (345) 246-16-43)
(Received : April 10, 2019; Accepted : June 18, 2019)


Through the use of breeding programs for diverse source material from the world collection of n.a. N. I. Vavilov, including the valuable and strong varieties of winter wheat, Siberian breeders have created a series of spring wheat varieties well adapted to the local conditions, which are a valuable gene pool for the further development of breeding of this crop. In 2013-15, mid-ripening and mid-late valuable varieties of spring soft wheat bred in Siberia were studied in the experimental field of the Agrarian University of Northern Urals, in the Northern forest-steppe of the Tyumen region. Most valuable sources were identified by individual and complex economic features that might be used for further breeding. For instance, in terms of sprouting density (557-576 pcs/m2), varieties Altaiskaya 325, Altaiskaya Stepnaya, Duet, Tyumenskaya 29 and Sibakovskaya Yubileinaya stood out. In terms of plant preservation during harvesting (480 to 517 pcs/m2), varieties Altayskaya 110 and 325, Altaiskaya stepnaya, Duet, Omskaya 33, Kazakhstanskaya 10 and Tertsia stood out. These varieties steadily formed the analyzed indicators over years. On the average feeding background, sources of productivity with the yield of 3.03 to 3.23 t/ha have been identified. These include varieties Altaiskaya stepnaya, Duet, Omskaya 33, Altaiskaya 100, 105 and 325. The coefficient of yield rate variation by year was 23.6 to 32.8%. Varieties Altaiskaya 100 and 325, Altaiskaya stepnaya, Aleshina, Svetlanka, Stepnaya volna, Ilyinskaia, Kazakhstanskaya 10, Krasnoufimskaya 100 and Sibakovskaya yubileinaya formed a high amount of first quality gluten every year. A set of valuable commercial characteristics was well visible in varieties Altaiskaya 110 and 325, Altaiskaya stepnaya, Duet, Svetlanka, Stepnaya volna, Ilyinskaia and Sibakovskaya  Yubileinaya. The sources by their individual and complex economic features are valuable initial material for further spring wheat breeding in the region.
Key words :Spring wheat, variety, initial material, breeding, yield rate, grain quality