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A Study on Assessment of Physico-chemical Changes during Ripening of Dwarf Phalsa (Grewia asiatica) Cultivar

Department of Food Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar-125 001
(Haryana), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9812025198)
(Received : February 13, 2019; Accepted : April 20, 2019)


The present investigation was carried out to analyze the physico-chemical changes in dwarf phalsa cultivar during ripening stages. Fresh fruits of three maturity stages i. e. underripe, ripe and overripe were selected and assessed for changes in colour visually as well as instrumentally (L*, a*, b*), TSS, titratable acidity, maturity index and firmness. All the studied parameters significantly varied at P<0.05 level. Visual observations showed that colour of underripe fruits was green, purplish to black for ripe and was dark purplish black for overripe. Mean values of L* (59.60), a*
(10.25), b* (3.75) and C* (10.91) for ripe fruits were higher followed by under-ripe fruits i. e. L* (45.10), a* (4.41), b*
(3.40) and C* (5.56). But the value of hue angle for ripe fruits was comparatively smaller (20.09) than underripe (37.63°) and overripe (37.64). Overripe fruits possessed maximum value of TSS (25.5 °Brix), whereas titratable acidity and firmness were highest in unripe stage. It can be concluded that maturity index increased, while acidity and firmness decreased during fruit ripening.

Key words : Underripe, ripe, overripe, colour, maturity index