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Assessing the Fund of Strongly Bound and Mobile Forms of Zinc in the Soils of Agrocenoses in the Forest-steppe and Steppe Zones of the Omsk Irtysh Land

Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Science, Faculty of Agrochemistry, Soil Science, Ecology, Environmental
Management and Water Use, Omsk State Agrarian University n. a. P. A. Stolypin, Institutskaya Square, 1,
Omsk, 644008, Russia
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 8 (3812) 65-10-63)
(Received : January 29, 2019; Accepted : March 14, 2019)


The data have been provided about the content of strongly bound acid-soluble and mobile forms of zinc in
the soils of the Omsk Irtysh Land. The content of acid-soluble zinc extracted from 5M HNO3 in the humus
layer of chernozems was 27.4-63.3 mg/kg, in the meadow-chernozem soils–20.1-69.4 mg/kg, and in
solonetz soils–43.5-64.6 mg/kg. The variation of the concentrations of strongly bound forms of the element
in the 0-20 cm thick layer of soil was determined by the content of fractions of silt, physical clay and the
cation-exchange capacity (r=0.47-0.68). Zinc distribution over soil profiles depended on the content of
< 0.01 mm mechanical particles, gross iron and acid-soluble copper. The content of mobile zinc determined by the method of Krupsky and Alexandrova varied in the arable horizons between 0.14 and 0.88 mg/kg; its reserves in the 0-20 cm layer in the black soil were 0.48-1.2 kg/ha, in the meadow-chernozem soils– 0.34-1.7 kg/ha, and in solonetz soils–0.78-2.3 kg/ha. The share of the mobile compounds of the element was 0.6-2.5% of the acid-soluble form. Weak significant relationship (r = 0.34, – 0.40) has been established between the content of mobile zinc and the silt and physical clay in their distribution over the soil profiles. In the 0-20 cm layer of soil, inverse dependence of the element content on the pH value (r = -0.40) has been detected. Agrochemical assessment of the data about the amount of mobile zinc in the black soil and solonetz soil indicates its deficiency in the nutrition of agricultural crops. Key words : Strongly bound and mobile forms of zinc, chernozems, meadow-chernozem soils, solonetz
soils, Omsk Irtysh Land