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Isolation and Cultural Characterization of Bacteria from Edaphic Toxicity

Shruti Sharma
Zoology Section, Department of Education in Science & Mathematics, Regional Institute of Education, Captain
Durga Prasad Choudhary Marg, Ajmer-305 004 (Rajasthan), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 9887972705)
(Received : December 15, 2020; Accepted : February 10, 2021)


Hydrocarbon is a form of toxic environmental contaminants that have now racked up into the ecological web. A primary investigation was ventured to assess the edaphic pollution associated with accidental release of crude oil in soil. Petroleum-contaminated soil samples were collected from around of Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bathinda. The study identified 10 isolated dominant bacteria followed by cultural characterization which was based on Bergey’s Manual.
Key words : Edaphic toxicity, oil spill, cultural characterization