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Modelling Credit Risk Management of Agricultural Facility Using Foundation Data Theory (Case Study of Agricultural Bank in Iran)


Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Ilam Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ilam, Iran
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 09183426234)
(Received : March 15, 2020; Accepted : May 18, 2020)


The present study was conducted to model credit risk management of agricultural facilities using database theory in Agricultural Bank. The statistical population of the research was consisted of managers and
experts of the Agricultural Bank and agricultural sector planners, using the Bank’s facilities. Through following various coding steps in a model consisting of eight comprehensive planning indicators, economic factors, government, educational institutions, political factors, banking regulations, judicial process, climatic conditions, as along with 38 variables were included in the subset of these indicators. Given the
aforementioned cases, the core and productive roots of a comprehensive credit risk management model for agricultural sector facilities are economic factors, by which the income of farmers is affected. The context
for the proper implementation of appropriate credit management practices and methodology was provided by increasing the income of farmers and planning and implementing effective and efficient infrastructure by the government. Such a comprehensive model can enhance the quality of credit risk management of agricultural facilities and it can lead to more targeted investment in implementing more agribusiness projects.
Key words : Agricultural sector, credit risk, facilities, foundation data, risk management