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Pilot Studies on Interrelationship between Productivity and Abiotic Factors in Some Representatives of Dooars Region Tea Gardens, West Bengal

Department of Zoology, Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal College, Cooch Behar-736 101 (West Bengal), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 09474519168)
(Received : March 14, 2020; Accepted : May 16, 2020)


Dooars region of West Bengal is popularly known for its 3Ts : Tea, Tree and Tourism. One of the wise approaches for tea gardeners is to spray pesticides at the onset or prior to attack of the pest. Loppers are
the chief culprit in this scenario. Moreover, pest surveillance also depended on climatic condition more specifically different environmental abiotic factor. This paper addressed this vital issue. Here attempts
were undertaken to understand effect of rainfall and temperature on productivity of tea. In this pilot study, Madhu Tea Estate was taken as control site as because since last 10 years it was locked out and proper maintenance such as pruning, irrigation and pesticide spraying was not at all being done. On the other hand, Borodighi Tea Garden and Chowafulli Tea Garden were selected as experimental sites where proper maintenance was being done. The Borodighi Tea Garden and Chowafulli Tea Garden were situated in Jalpaiguri district. More specifically, two experimental sites were very closely associated territory. It was being found through analysis of Minitab software version 18 that both rainfall and temperature had positive correlation with productivity.
Key words : Lopper, pesticide, sampling, leaf area index