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Screening and Quantitative Estimation of Bioactive Compounds from Vitex negundo and Ficus carica Leaf Parts

Department of Biosciences, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS), Mody University of Science and Technology,
Lakshmangarh-332 311, Sikar (Rajasthan), India
*(e-mail :; Mobile : 99827 76102)
(Received : February 02, 2022; Accepted : February 20, 2022)


Plants are the pharmaceutical and biochemical living stores, constituting various phytochemical
compounds i. e. bioactive compounds such as alkaloids (organic compounds with one nitrogen atom),
flavonoids (plant chemicals), saponins (class of bioorganic compounds), phenolic compounds, etc. This
paper includes identification, authentication of Vitex negundo (nirgundi) and Ficus carica Linn. plants
followed by Soxhlet extraction using solvents with their increasing polarity and quantitative screening
of various bioactive metabolites from the obtained phytoextracts. Maximum yield (20.4%) was exhibited
by V. negundo methanolic phytoextracts followed by (6.1%) obtained by F. carica leaves. Ethyl acetate
showed intermediate yield followed by the presence of lesser yield in chloroform phytoextracts. Both the
plants exhibited the presence of primary and secondary metabolites. However, protein and phenolic
content were present in higher amount in plants than the other metabolites.
Key words : Medicinal plants, bioactive compounds, Soxhlet extraction, phytoextracts, phytochemical screening